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river otter

Lontra longicaudis

Habitat: Lives in different riparian habitats , including deciduous forests and evergreen swamplands, evergreen savannahs, evergreen savannas. This species may prefer mountain clearings, rivers and streams up to 3000 msnm and is less common on flat terrain. It prefers to live in temperate and tropical climates very close to rivers, lakes and even dams. 

Food: They consume various foods that they get depending on the season of abundance in rivers, lakes and dams. Some of the delicacies that they enjoy the most are: fish, crustaceans, birds, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, insects, snails and are even capable of stealing crocodile or river turtle eggs.

Habits: They are both diurnal and nocturnal, solitary. They dive perfectly, they can spend several minutes underwater. Their hands and feet have interdigital webs. The tail is long and thick, completely hairy and cylindrical, wide at the base and thin towards the tip. This helps them to swim very well.

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