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black saraguato jumpsuit

aloutta pigra

Habitat: Inhabits tropical forests, lowland rain forests, gallery forests and forests of primary and secondary vegetation.

Diet: Howlers are vegetarian, eating young leaves, buds, flowers, fruit, mseeds, and green stems. fruits are also important.

Habits: The black howler monkey is an arboreal species with a social behavior, it forms groups of up to 15 members, which are called troops, made up of females and adult males, juveniles and infants. It has a prehensile tail that is as long as its body (48 to 90 cm). The lower part of the last third is hairless, and acts as a fifth limb that it uses to hold on when moving through the trees.

It's interesting that... the hyoid bone is modified, which allows it to emit tremendous howls. The bone is long and wide, giving shape to a cavity that acts as a sounding board that amplifies the sounds emitted. In males it is larger than in females.

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